A Dream.

A Terminal Illness.

An Extraordinary Life.


“Just Keep Going” is more than just a true story; it’s about success and personal development.

My name is Chris Jankulovski and I must admit I’m a bit embarrassed to share my personal story in my upcoming book. I guess I’m a little shy. Who the hell am I to be sharing my story? I’m just an ordinary guy that’s had a number of unique experiences as a result of all my health challenges in life. But it’s also because of these unique experiences that I’m able to approach my life differently. As a result, I became a successful entrepreneur and wanted to share my story.


My book is about who I was before the brain operation in 2005 and who I am now. It’s a legacy piece designed for my two young boys to get to know me when they’re older, should my health adversity take my life sooner.


There are times when we need a little help, and there are times when we really need help. If an adversity has turned your life around, this book is for you. It’s also for people who want to live a better quality of life or want to know about the story of a completely self-made entrepreneur who became successful because of his adversities.

So how is my experience any different from the rest? Some of my friends have had similar challenges in life and went from being wealthy to being broke. Their lifestyle disappeared and their career growth sabotaged as a result of their health adversity. My story, however, was the opposite experience. I have forged a successful entrepreneurial career and gone on to make millions and live the life of my dreams all as a result of my health adversities. This is why my story is unique. I hope my book that will soon be ready will truly make a difference in how you can approach change in your own life.


Chris Jankulovski

Forty-five-year old Australian entrepreneur Chris Jankulovski was born in Melbourne, Australia to an immigrant working-class family. He suffered from a dyslexic condition that made formal schooling and pursuing a professional career difficult.

At 19, he was diagnosed with Von-Hippel Lindau (VHL) syndrome, a rare hereditary disease that causes tumors and cancers to grow all over his body.

In 2005, Chris had his life turned around when he was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Just a few weeks after his brain operation and still unable to move his head properly, he joined the City 2 Surf, a 14-kilometer fun run in Sydney, Australia. Without any training, he finished the race in 58 minutes, beating his personal record of 65 minutes from when he joined the same run in 2003 when he was in much better health.


After that run, Chris realized how much we all limit ourselves in life before we’ve even begun anything. That run was a catalyst that set the stage for a complete turnaround in his life.

Chris has been an entrepreneur for 20 years now, creating several products and a number of businesses. He’s been running remotestaff.com for the last ten years as a business processing outsourcing (BPO) technology and recruitment company that hires Filipino professionals to work for Australian and international employers online. His remote staff business has since hired over 8,000 Filipino professionals to work from home for over 2,000 employers.

In September of 2016, Chris went under the knife yet again in a risky brain operation to remove two tumors. The operation, which nearly killed him, has left him with severe temporary disabilities from which he is still recovering today. He is expected to make a 90% recovery in two years’ time.

In 2017, he had another major operation to remove six cancerous tumors in the remaining half of his kidney.

He is currently writing a book to document his lessons in life.

Chris believes that who we are when confronted with our mortality and what we overcome defines our character. Every time we are broken from our adversities, we become giants when we recover.

“Fall down 7, rise 8,” – old Japanese proverb