City to Surf run 2019

A symbol of hope and big goals
Chris joined his first City to Surf marathon in 2003, but it was his second participation in 2005 that really made an impact on his life. He ran the race three weeks after his first brain operation. Completely unprepared and still feeling the side effects of the operation, he had every reason in the world to not do well. But as he crossed the finish line, he was surprised to see that he was able to beat his personal record of 65 minutes – Chris finished the race at 58 minutes and 22 seconds!
That run was a pivotal moment that changed everything for Chris: “I realised just how much I was personally limiting myself before I even got started in anything.”

With so many adversities, Chris gave himself a 5% chance of running again

“When something is important enough, the odds against you don’t matter.” Most of Chris’s physical challenges occurred after his 2nd brain operation in September 2016. Chris was bedridden for three months. With half of his body no longer working normally. It had taken Chris eight months of rehab to relearn how to walk again, followed by learning to walk unaided for over five months thereafter.
This experience was so traumatic on Chris’s body that he became a diabetic and grew six large cancerous tumours that were removed from his left kidney in October 2017. He’s now living with only half a kidney.
  • Today, he is still experiencing the following challenges:
  • – The entire left side of his body no longer moves the same;
  • – His balance is affected; even a slightly uneven surface is enough to throw Chris off-balance;
  • – He can only balance on his left foot for a few seconds;
  • – He can hop only a few times on his left foot, but can’t hop in just one spot;
  • – His left foot has lost its spring, as a result, Chris runs with a flat left foot which affects his pace;
  • – His left arm moves uncontrollably when running;
  • – His vision is affected and Chris can only look a few feet ahead of him when running;
  • – He’s suffered 25% muscle deterioration on the left side of his body.

14 years later, and at the age of 46, Chris will run again this August 2019

Last September 2018, Chris decided to run the City to Surf once again, and has been in training two days a week ever since.
Chris assembled a team to help him achieve his running goal. A neuro physiotherapist who specializes in rehabilitating patients in helping him, as well as his personal fitness instructor.
Between September 2018 until January 2019, things were not looking good. He was only able to run 20 to 50 meters at a time, and Chris would experience back pain after every attempted run.
But after 5 months of training, Chris was finally able to run from the Rose Bay shops to the Rose Bay Police station – a 3.4km run. Breaking milestone after milestone, Chris has managed to run every week from March to April, with each run ranging between 4km to 10km.

Muscle strain – Hip flexor pain

However, Chris’s hip flexor muscles that stabilize the pelvis and surrounding core muscles are contributing to a new pain that is affecting Chris’s ability to run.
Currently undergoing frequent physiotherapy, Chris’s running goals have suffered a setback. It will take all of May, June and half of July for Chris to recover. If he manages to heal in time, Chris will only have 2 to 3 weeks at best to condition himself to run the City to Surf. At this point, Chris is uncertain if he can participate in the event.

New Book: Just Keep Going

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