Chris shares his unique life perspectives and
strategies that can transform the way you live your life.

Bouncing back from challenges stronger than ever

2020 challenges do not need to define your 2021 plans

The year 2020 hasn’t gone as planned for so many, thanks to COVID-19. It may have been a devastating or disappointing year. With such uncertainty of the future, it has made individuals, businesses, and governments vulnerable like never before. Thanks to my hereditary condition, all these challenges seem so familiar to me as I have lived with such uncertainty for more than 28 years.

Even if it might be difficult to see a life beyond your current challenges, moving forward with hope that the best is yet to come can be foundational to your positive outlook. Your ability to embrace new possibilities and adjust and maintain flexibility will be key to accomplishing your goal over 2021. I believe the challenges we have all faced over 2020 present us with valuable opportunities for new learnings and growth that will emerge over 2021.

Live life fully as if it’s your last year alive every year

The course is designed to help your 2021 plans and ambitions come alive. Know that you are uniquely capable of re-evaluating your own life and determining what’s truly important for yourself over the coming year. The course will help you: 

  • Gain clarity of the goals you seek to accomplish over 2021;
  • Use your imagination to link images to each goal;
  • Establish specific goal conditions;
  • Create a simple but effective solution to rate your desires for each goal;
  • Better understand why your goals are important for you; and
  • Come up with a solution to establish your goal activity for the year ahead.

Moving forward with hope that the best is yet to come

Sometimes things go wrong in our lives and we need to overcome a huge challenge whatever it may be – an illness or injury, a business collapse or career roadblock, bad habits or simply waking up one day to find ourselves completely off track in our lives. The feelings of powerlessness that can come with not knowing how to respond to such uncertainties about our future might render any one of us incapable of looking beyond the worst-case scenario.

The Live life fully as if it’s your last year alive every year course is part of a larger program currently getting created called, Give Yourself the Fuel to Live Your Best Life Personal Transformation Program. It is based on my upcoming book, Just Keep Going: A dream, a terminal illness, an extraordinary life.

The program helps you make your own mindset transformations. It takes a tremendous amount of energy to change our mindset, but when you gain clarity in what you want out of life and understand what might be stopping you, it is exciting to restore your hope and belief in your future. But it’s your willingness to just keep going, no matter what, that determines if the best is yet to come in your life.

Coming Soon throughout 2021...

Give Yourself the Fuel to Live Your Best Life Personal Transformation Program

The 7 main categories of the Give Yourself the Fuel to Live Your Best Life Personal Transformation Program are:

  1. How to flourish through adversities in life – 1h 6mins
  2. Live life fully as if it is your last year alive every year – 43min (1 course insight has been shared out of 8 to come)
  3. Take back your power from the voices in your head – 2h in total
    1. Beliefs (or Overcoming limiting beliefs)
    2. Energy
    3. Health
    4. Love and relationships
  4. Live up to your full potential and create a lasting contribution – 1h 27min
    1. Vision – finding your life purpose
    2. Self-education – the path to change
  5. Achieve a deep level of life satisfaction and fulfillment – 1h 50min
  6. Hope, courage, happiness and gratitude – 51mins
  7. Success mindset – money, business and marketing – 1h 44min
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Just Keep Going

A Dream, A Terminal Illness, An Extraordinary Life

A Powerful story of Love, Hope and Determination​

This book reveals how Chris:

  • Chris' book is about his remarkable transformation and challenges that would provide unique perspective and strategies that can help you make a transformation in your life.
  • Took the first step in the right direction
  • Discovered hope when he had given up on his future
  • Learned how to reflect, renew, and reinvent himself
  • Fostered an attitude to become unstoppable
  • Became the self-made man he is today
  • Created true meaning and found purpose in life

Author of Just Keep Going

Personal message from Chris Jankulovski

The Just Keep Going work is being completed in an enlightened state – it is a spiritual obligation. Having had way too many near-death experiences in my life – multiple cancer battles, brain operations and more – I made a number of noble pledges as I bargained for my life, and I have lived up to these pledges: 1) to live life as a self-empowered person 2) to employ thousands (I currently have employed over 8,000 people since 2008) and, more recently, 3) to inspire millions to live their best life.

I want to be worthy of all the second chances I have had – of just being alive; of my loving family – my amazing spouse and two fantastic sons; of running a business I enjoy; of having the courage to go after my dreams; of being a wealthy and financially free man and all that comes with it.

Regardless of my imperfections, vulnerabilities and fears, my feelings of not being good enough or smart enough, I am here. I am alive. I want to share my personal story in my upcoming book titled Just Keep Going: a dream, a terminal illness, an extraordinary life.

‘Don’t let what you can’t do interfere with what you can do.’
~ John Wooden, NCAA basketball coach