Bouncing back from challenges stronger than ever while pursuing my dreams...

Chris shares his unique life perspectives and strategies that can transform the way you live your life.

Choose to Live an Extraordinary Life

Living an extraordinary life requires you to live completely differently—to change the way you think about things and the way you go about your life. You may not be keen on making these changes because you’re afraid of putting in the effort and not getting the result you want.

The fear of losing money and security keeps us from seeing opportunities that could change our lives. However, life is not just about making money and creating a feeling of security. Although these things are important, life is more about fulfilling our purpose no matter what, even if it means taking risks.

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Just Keep Going – A Dream, A Terminal Illness, An Extraordinary Life

To achieve a dream lifestyle, stop settling for less than what you think you can achieve. Break free from the ideals of the majority and carve a path that is true to who you are. Life is too short to live on other people’s terms or react to circumstances that happen in your life. It is time to recognize that your time on earth is limited. Every day counts.

Chris Jankulovski’s new book, Just keep Going – a dream, an illness, an extraordinary life, takes you on a journey of personal transformation and success. He shares how he woke up to the reality of his own mortality, learned to embrace it, and used it as motivation to live the life of his dreams; to live a life that is truly his own.

Meet the Author

We all get tested in life, Chris certainly has had his fair share, he is no stranger to overcoming adversities such as cancer battles, multiple brain operations resulting in 8 months of rehab to learn how to walk again as well as business losses. These days Chris is healthy, tumor free and running a large company and continues to build an extraordinary life.

Despite everything he has been through, Chris didn’t become bitter. He became a fighter, instead. He fought through these challenges—low self-esteem, learning issues, financial losses, and critical health adversities. He challenged himself to continue learning, growing, and becoming a better person and to maintain personal self-control.

Throughout Chris’s story you will recognised that his success came from his ability to bounce back and flourish from unexpected adversities. Each adversity provided him with a wake-up call, disrupted his habitual routines, and jolted him out of comfort zones that led him to re-evaluate what truly mattered and what was worth living for.

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Chris Jankulovski


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Jo-Anne Bowyer
Resilience Program Coach

Chris is not your typical guy. Chris' unique story includes eight near-death experiences and a RESOLVE to positively impact the world....

“I was fortunate to meet Chris Jankulovski, Founder & CEO of Remote Staff, at a workshop I did on Resilience for a group of CEOs and entrepreneurs in February of this year. Chris is not your typical guy. Chris’ unique story includes eight near-death experiences and a RESOLVE to positively impact the world, the likes of which I have never experienced firsthand.

In our recent collaboration, I have learned many things from Chris about business and life. The most impactful is “focus on what you can control”. As far as resilience goes, this seemingly simple statement is a powerful stance. It enables composure, tenacity – via optimism through change, and serves as a great mantra for investing in our health – especially now.

And even as the world endures a level of chaos not seen before, Chris keeps his vision front and centre and perseveres through each challenge with a success mindset. I am forever grateful to be working closely with Chris and seeing the principles of resilience embodied in someone who has learned them on the run.”