Meet Chris

Flourishing from unexpected Adversities

Experience Chris during the interview about the book.

After Chris’ second brain operation in 2016, he was left with a lot of physical deformities. It took him eight months to learn how to walk again. Not knowing how long he had to live, Chris wanted to write a book so his two young sons would know who their father was.

While writing the book, Chris returned to the operating room in October 2017 to have six large cancers removed from his remaining half kidney. After the operation, his outcome didn’t look good. The doctor hoped his kidney function would be better because Chris’ creatinine results were hovering just below the need for a dialysis machine.

This was Chris’ eighth life-threatening experience. He made a pledge with the same kidney doctor a decade earlier to employ thousands of people at a time when he wasn’t employing anyone. Chris lived up to his first pledge by hiring 8,000 people. After his second kidney operation, spiritually, Chris knew he had to bargain for his life by making yet another noble pledge, this time to inspire millions of people.

Wanting to live up to his pledges and be worthy of all his “second” chances, Chris had his book reviewed by a resilience coach, Jo-Anne Bowyer. Together with Chris, Jo uncovered the mental construct, patterns, and framework that he used to keep bouncing back from adversities, and now Chris wants to share these transformational insights with you.