Flourishing from unexpected adversities

Chris is the epitome of what resilience truly means. He recognised that his success came from his ability to bounce back and flourish from unexpected adversities. Each adversity provided him with a wake-up call, disrupted his habitual routines, and jolted him out of comfort zones that led him to re-evaluate what truly mattered and what was worth living for.

Despite everything he has been through, Chris didn't become bitter. He became a fighter, instead. He fought through these challenges—low self-esteem, learning issues, financial losses, and critical health adversities. He challenged himself to continue learning, growing, and becoming a better person and to maintain personal self-control.

Chris stayed true to himself by finding his purpose in life. Moreover, Chris also embraced his strengths and abilities. He put a spotlight on his unique perspectives, conceptual and creative thinking skills, and make a connection between them to develop life strategies. These strategies have helped him constantly bounce back after every adversity, stronger than ever before. Later this year, on the 8th of December, Chris will be launching his upcoming new book.

The journey behind the Just Keep Going book

After Chris' second brain operation in 2016, he was left with a lot of physical deformities. It took him eight months to learn how to walk again. Not knowing how long he had to live, Chris wanted to write a book so his two young sons would know who their father was.

While writing the book, Chris returned to the operating room in October 2017 to have six large cancers removed from his remaining half kidney. After the operation, his outcome didn't look good. The doctor hoped his kidney function would be better because Chris’ creatinine results were hovering just below the need for a dialysis machine.

This was Chris’ eighth life-threatening experience. He made a pledge with the same kidney doctor a decade earlier to employ thousands of people at a time when he wasn’t employing anyone. Chris lived up to his first pledge by hiring 8,000 people. After his second kidney operation, spiritually, Chris knew he had to bargain for his life by making yet another noble pledge, this time to inspire millions of people.

Wanting to live up to his pledges and be worthy of all his "second" chances, Chris had his book reviewed by a resilience coach, Jo-Anne Bowyer. Together with Chris, Jo uncovered the mental construct, patterns, and framework that he used to keep bouncing back from adversities, and now Chris wants to share these transformational insights with you.

A message from Jo-Anne Bowyer

I was fortunate to meet Chris Jankulovski, Founder & CEO of Remote Staff, at a workshop I did on Resilience for a group of CEOs and entrepreneurs in February of this year. Chris is not your typical guy. Chris' unique story includes eight near-death experiences and a RESOLVE to positively impact the world, the likes of which I have never experienced firsthand.

In our recent collaboration, I have learned many things from Chris about business and life. The most impactful is “focus on what you can control”. As far as resilience goes, this seemingly simple statement is a powerful stance. It enables composure, tenacity – via optimism through change, and serves as a great mantra for investing in our health – especially now.

And even as the world endures a level of chaos not seen before, Chris keeps his vision front and centre and perseveres through each challenge with a success mindset. I am forever grateful to be working closely with Chris and seeing the principles of resilience embodied in someone who has learned them on the run.

Chris’ Background

Back in 2002, over a period of six months, Chris provided business and life coaching services. One client achieved everything she desired and made a half-a-million-dollar profit through his guidance. Eventually, she became a millionaire.

At that time, Chris was a young, ambitious man who had yet to achieve the success he desired in life and was riddled with adversities. He wanted to continue to transform other people’s lives, but knew he had to first transform his own life before he could start helping others in the future.

Today, Chris is a self-made man who has employed thousands of people. He lives the life of his dreams and has become the wealthy man he always desired to be.