Meet Chris

Flourishing from unexpected Adversities

Personal message from Chris Jankulovski

The Just Keep Going work is being completed in an enlightened state – it is a spiritual obligation. Having had way too many near-death experiences in my life – multiple cancer battles, brain operations and more – I made a number of noble pledges as I bargained for my life, and I have lived up to these pledges: 1) to live life as a self-empowered person 2) to employ thousands (I currently have employed over 8,000 people since 2008) and, more recently, 3) to inspire millions to live their best life.

I want to be worthy of all the second chances I have had – of just being alive; of my loving family – my amazing spouse and two fantastic sons; of running a business I enjoy; of having the courage to go after my dreams; of being a wealthy and financially free man and all that comes with it.

Regardless of my imperfections, vulnerabilities and fears, my feelings of not being good enough or smart enough, I am here. I am alive. I want to share my personal story in my upcoming book titled Just Keep Going: a dream, a terminal illness, an extraordinary life.

‘Don’t let what you can’t do interfere with what you can do.’
~ John Wooden, NCAA basketball coach