My name is Chris Jankulovski and I must admit I’m a bit embarrassed to share my personal story in my upcoming book. I guess I’m a little shy. Who the hell am I to be sharing my story? I’m just an ordinary guy that’s had a number of unique experiences as a result of all my health challenges in life. But it’s also because of these unique experiences that I’m able to approach my life differently. As a result, I became a successful entrepreneur and now I want to share my story with everyone.

My book is about who I was before the brain operation in 2005 and who I am now. It’s a legacy piece for my two young boys to get to know me when they’re older, should my health challenges end my life sooner than expected.

There are times when we need a little help, and there are times when we really need help. If an adversity has turned your life around, this book is for you. It’s also for people who want to live a better quality of life or want to know about the story of a completely self-made entrepreneur who became successful because of his adversities.

So how is my experience any different from the rest? Some of my friends have had similar challenges in life and went from being wealthy to bring broke. Their lifestyle disappeared and their career growth sabotaged as a result of their health adversity. My story, however, was the opposite experience. I have forged  a successful entrepreneurial career and gone on to make millions and live the life of my dream-all as a result of my health adversities. This is why my story is unique. I hope my book that will soon be ready will truly make a difference in how you can approach change in your own life.

A Powerful Story of Love, Hope, and Determination

At age 19, Chris Jankulovski was given a death sentence. Diagnosed with Von Hippel-Lindau (VHL), a rare, terminal condition, he was told he only had ten more years to live. He lost belief in a future for himself, but a series of near-death experiences triggered a profound, positive personal transformation that enabled him to create the life of his dreams.

As Chris overcame his many health adversities, he discovered just how much grit and determination he possessed. His book titled Just Keep Going, is a captivating personal memoir that describes how Chris bounced back and handled major challenges at various stages in his life.

This book reveals how Chris:

  • Took the first step in the right direction
  • Discovered hope when he had given up on his future
  • Learned how to reflect, renew, and reinvent himself
  • Fostered an attitude to become unstoppable
  • Became the self-made man he is today
  • Created true meaning and found purpose in life

The Just Keep Going book is more than just a true story. It’s a story that opens your eyes to the power of drive and determination to create a better life; to carry on regardless of the failures, limitations, mistakes, losses, weaknesses, and insecurities you may experience along the way.

Special thanks:

To Bahram Habibi, Director of Gannon House Gallery at The Rocks in Sydney, and artist Greg Hyde for the artwork “Worthy, Trust & Hope” which serves as the cover for the Just Keep Going book.