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What happen to us is not what matters; It is how we handle it.

“ This is one of the statements that remain in my heart. The book “Just Keep Going” is truly inspiring. This makes me realize that what’s the point of complaining. Maybe the solution is just myself changing my perspective in life. Chris as a person is amazing. I don’t know him personally but reading his book and by attending a book discussion with him. He just confirms that humans can be super humans by true grit and determination. This is a must-read in time of pandemic. A book that can lift up your soul.

Just keep going! my new mantra. Thanks Chris!

You made an impact to me.

~ Ailene Lopez

This book will widen your perspective on things you may deem impossible to even think of.

“ Just Keep Going is more than just the book blurb you’ll read. It is a creative chronicling of non-fiction and true-to-life stories of an accomplished fighter, Chris Jankulovski.

It will help you realize that the only reason that you’ll hold back in living the most out of your life is yourself—your own fears, hesitations, and limitations.

Just Keep Going will be your daily mantra after finishing the book. It is a strong and wonderful reminder of the greatest things you can achieve in life if you’ll “Just Keep Going”


~ Rosella Jane Vargas