Live Your Best Life

About the Course

I want to share all the perspectives I have gained from my near-death experiences through a program I have developed based on the book you just read, which I call Live Your Best Life. This program will provide you actionable strategies and insights to bounce back from adversities time and time again.

Just before Covid hit the world, I hired a resilience consultant, Jo-Anne Bowyer to review my book. She was able to bring the deep insights out of me, as they tend to unfold in conversation. I then asked her to put a spotlight on how I responded to challenging adversities compared to a more common response.

We noticed reoccurring thinking patterns that I have demonstrated throughout different periods of my life – sometimes, decades apart. These reoccurring thinking patterns became the backbone of the program. They are packaged as five distinct courses:

Discover how you can succeed from your adversities and build character to strengthen your confidence and ability to conquer future obstacles. We all learn the most important lessons in our lives through difficult times. 

Every adversity I have personally overcome presented me with an opportunity to gain new insights that have helped me not just bounce back from adversity, but also flourish in life.

It takes guts to confront death, as it is both inevitable and uncertain. Subconsciously ignoring your worries or holding onto life forever won’t make death disappear. 

Our fear of death can easily stop us from living life to the fullest. Learning to accept that death is only one aspect of life can give you incredible inner peace to embrace living life fully.

Our beliefs have been shaped over the years by recurring thoughts. Everything we do in our mind eventually forms our mindset, which then fuels our actions and creates our reality. 

Most of the time, we’re unaware of our unhelpful limiting beliefs. The good news is we can turn them into empowering beliefs that will encourage us to live a more fulfilling life.

When things don’t go as planned, we may overestimate our natural resilience to roll through life’s adversities and bounce back. However, it takes courage to continue growing when we are broken. 

To make the most impact, your commitment, tenacity, and gratitude are vital in building an extraordinary life.

Regardless of your age or the stage of life you’re currently at, you can become an empowered individual, make your dreams a reality and reach a higher expression of yourself. 

The key is to understand your values and learn about the things that really interest you, so you can focus on investing your time and talents in them over the long term.


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