Remote Leaders Must Embrace Authenticity

Remote Leaders Must Embrace Authenticity

Remote Leaders Must Embrace Authenticity 1000 667 Chris Jankulovski


I’m not the fastest kid on the block. I’m not the smartest member of my team.

But you know what, the more I embrace myself as that leader, the more people would say:

“I want to see what he does. I want to go where he goes. I want to support that journey that we are together in.”

In a podcast interview with Mads Singers Sorensen, I was asked about my high-level management philosophy. Here’s a bit of my thoughts:

To me, leadership is one element, and management is another element.

As remote leaders, we must embrace authenticity.

Whatever your weaknesses are, embrace them. Whatever, whoever you are, you must embrace it.

Be authentic about all that you’re trying to do, all that you’re trying to be and all that way you’re trying to help.

If you’re AUTHENTIC, people will BELIEVE in you, TRUST in you and be led by you.

You can’t lead people who aren’t following you. And no one wants to follow anyone who’s inauthentic.


What are your thoughts on authenticity as a trait that remote leaders must embrace?


Listen to the full podcast on Mads Singers Management Podcast Ep. 17 to learn more about my management philosophies:



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