Your Values Are Your True North

Your Values Are Your True North

Your Values Are Your True North 1000 666 Chris Jankulovski

How do you know what you love to do if you’re not sure about who you really are?

In making career choices, your first subject of study should be YOU.

Understanding your skills, values and passions matters more than you realize.

At 16, I wanted to be a fighter pilot and travel around the world. But when I got an angioma, a tumor at the back of my right eye that affected my eyesight, I gave up on my 1st career choice.

At 19, I knew why I had poor eyesight. I was diagnosed with Von-Hippel Lindau syndrome, a rare hereditary disease in which the body continually forms cysts and tumors.

The doctor told me that people with my condition don’t live past 30 years of age!

So I gave up on my future.

After all, what’s the point?

But although I didn’t believe in the future, I still wanted a career.

In my early 20’s, my early business ventures allowed me to buy my time back and enter a period of self-discovery.

I traveled on my own. I got to know myself better. I discovered my values.

What I learned:

“Your values are your true north. Build a career that complements your true north.”

If you’re still undecided about what to do, it means you haven’t found your true north.

Keep searching. Just keep going.

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